3 Amazing Christmas Decoration Ideas With Rugs

3 Amazing Christmas Decoration Ideas With Rugs

Every year, we expect the holiday season, Christmas and New Year’s eve, to be a great time for everyone to connect and enjoy time with their loved ones. The kitchens are usually full of smells of gingerbread, cinnamon and mulled wine. We eagerly visit specific stores for Christmas, and we shop for gifts until we drop. We transform our homes into a Christmas oasis. This year, however, times are different and we all have to be careful when going out and celebrating. Staying safe and shopping online from the comfort of our homes is the best way to spend this 2020 holiday season.

For most of us, a Christmas decoration is just as much a part of the celebration of love as the obligatory festive meal at grandmas. In this respect, however, decor tastes are bound to vary for everyone. It doesn't always have to be the classic yet cliched green and red. We, at The Rug District, are already in the Christmas mood, like right now!

And so, here is a list of trends for Christmas decorations that are absolutely on-trend in 2020- regardless of whether you prefer to decorate your four walls and floors in a Scandinavian-simple, extravagant-glamorous or with a more traditional style.

1. Christmas decoration in black and white

The stylish northern lights from Scandinavia prove that Christmas decorations can do without a lot of frills and still work wonderfully. Simplistic Christmas decorations make the hearts of the purists beat faster. The trend this year is black and white Christmas decorations paired with clear lines and minimalist designs.

The credo of the Scandinavian Christmas look is “less is more” and is reduced to the essentials. Tree decorations, paper and felt stars, vases and candlesticks are straightforward, and the contrasting play of colors does not make it boring.

Christmas decoration with black and white rugs

The minimalist Christmas decoration in black and white is perfect if you integrate soft, warming fabrics that take the austerity and coldness away from the look. So don't skimp on the use of pillows, rugs, tablecloths and cozy blankets. Area rugs in black or white round off the look and can also be combined in many ways if you feel like a change of scenery after Christmas or in spring that calls for more color.

What goes well with this clean style and also gives it a touch of warmth and coziness? Individual wooden elements, for example, in the form of pine cones, complete this decoration with perfection. As with any other Christmas style, green shrubs are a must.

Eucalyptus and fir branches are classic elements that can be used at Christmas and also last for a few weeks. Besides, a warm light show and playing with contrasts are essential for the Christmas decoration in black and white.

Don't limit yourself to just black and white decoration. This look also allows any gradation of the two colors from warm creamy white to anthracite tones. This is how you give the look a dynamic twist!

2. Christmas decorations in gold - glamorous and opulent

Love to transform your space into a real Christmas paradise? Then this trend could become your favorite this year. Lots of glitter, shimmer and glamor give Christmas decorations in gold their extravagant charm.

Christmas gold rugs

The key pieces for this style come naturally in gold and are complemented by white and gray. This combination creates a bright, opulent look that is mainly based on classic elements. In contrast to the reduced black and white style, the motto here is: the more the merrier! Let off steam and let your pre-Christmas feelings run free!

The elegance of this style lies in the muted, restrained colors, which highlight shiny gold as a central element. The low color contrasts in particular also allow a little more of everything.

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Christmas decorations in gold and beige thrive on a perfectly harmonious play of colors and manage without striking contrasts. That is why textiles that round off your Christmas decorations in gold should also be kept in these colors. Pay attention to high-quality fabrics.

3. Festive decoration in darker shades

Do you love it modern with the right amount of nostalgia? Then festive decorations in dark blue and green tones with a touch of vintage might be just the right style for you. Accents in gold complete this look. This dramatic combination looks noble and extravagant at the same time and is therefore also perfect for the New Year's party.

To make your New Year's Eve decoration an absolute hit, you should pay attention to a balanced ratio of colors. Small rooms get by with just a few pieces, while in large rooms with high walls, you can add more.

Vintage Rugs For Christmas

Vintage carpets in the various color combinations go perfectly with the decoration in gold and black - it becomes particularly harmonious when the carpet picks up on one (or both) of the colors. Vintage carpets make them look individual and give it that certain something.

So, that’s it for now. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful and memorable holiday season and that life returns to normal before the end of next year. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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