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Home Decor Tips: How to Stay Comfy This Winter with Warm Rugs

Home Decor Tips: How to Stay Comfy This Winter with Warm Rugs

What could be better than a super looking area rug laid out on a beautiful floor? Of course, that would be one that also feels amazing too! Soft, thick, fluffy and ideally so cozy that it invites you to lie down on the floor, and roll up in the fetal position. A real snug rug that saves you the hassle of putting on slippers and thick socks in the winter and creates a cozy vibe wherever it’s placed. In keeping with the time of the year, we are therefore bringing you a fantastic list of tips on how to select the right winter rugs you can buy online and how you can make this season bearable, in fact, cozier!

Tip #1: The thicker the pile, the better the quality

What actually separates cozy shag rugs from other carpets? Thick, cozy carpets usually have a particularly dense and long pile made from extremely soft materials.

How dense the pile is can usually be found in the product description. Shag rugs by top global rug manufacturers have the number of knots per square centimeter described by the numbers 15/15, 18/18 or 20/20. Alternatively, double and triple threads refer to the number of pile threads per knot. In other words, the more knots and pile threads, the thicker and softer the carpet.

To select the shaggiest and fluffiest rug, you can also look for the quantity of wool that was used in the knotting. The designations are: 1500, 2000 or 3000, etc. which provide information about the weight of the wool used in grams per square meter. And as you can already guess: the more wool, the thicker, fluffier and cozier the carpet!

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Tip #2: Super soft synthetic fibers

By the way, many of the soft rugs are not even made of wool, but of synthetic fibers. The term 'cuddly carpet' fits them so well because some of them are actually made of the same material as cuddly toys.

In fact, cuddly toys are the only and most direct comparison that comes to mind when you touch these carpets., simply because they feel so incredibly soft. Sounds thick? Only if you haven't touched one yet!

If you find synthetic fibers a bit off-putting, you might want to look into their advantages. Carpets made from synthetic fibers are extremely hard-wearing, durable, insensitive and easy to care for. In addition, despite all prejudices, they are antistatic.

Tip #3: Even more coziness in the winter

What do you still need to make yourself really comfortable in winter? For cozy evenings in the cold season, we recommend making yourself comfortable with lots of soft pillows and a warm blanket on the couch - or on a soft, snug rug. Choosing a good book or an exciting film is just icing on the cake! Alternatively, you can enjoy a nice conversation with your loved ones. Insulated light sources and flickering candlelight also create a pleasant, warm light. And anyone who hears the crackling of logs in their fireplace can count themselves lucky because everyone else turns up the heating and imagines a flickering log fire. Now all that's missing is a pot of hot tea - and it's the perfect setting to enjoy the winter!

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