A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Rug for You
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A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Rug for You

Nothing gives a home as much warmth and comfort as a beautiful, comfortable and fluffy area rug. In addition to its role as a secret comfort guarantee and home décor booster, it also comes alive as a modern statement piece and conversation starter that manages to make a room really shine.

However, not all rugs are created equal. Dimensions, shapes, colors and fabrics- carpets show their diversity, which must be used stylishly at home. Below, we will show which room makes the most sense to place your carpet correctly.

But before we move from one room to another, we would like to give you a few basics for your future carpet purchase.

The optimal carpet size

Before buying a new carpet, whether a traditional one or a contemporary area rug, you should always measure the dimensions of the room where you’re planning to place it. Rule of thumb: It is best to choose a carpet that is approximately 60 cm shorter than the shortest wall in the room. Carpets that are too large have an overwhelming effect and make the room look smaller, while carpets that are too small are visually lost in large rooms and lose their decorative effect.

Rug Sizes

To calculate the optimal carpet dimensions, the doors in the room and their radius when opening should be taken into account as well. It is best to measure the space from the open door so that it is not later stopped by a carpet that is too large.

The ideal carpet material

Rug Materials

If you want to enjoy your new carpet for a really long time, it is best to choose one that is made of sustainable materials, so that you don’t have to worry about rapid wear! A material that is easy to care for is also important. With a little bit of research, you can easily learn about which material is best for which room.

The right carpet color

When it comes to color, there are a few factors to consider when buying a rug. Above all, contrasts play a decisive role here. If your floor is dark, it is best to choose a carpet that are light, or milder colors; on a lighter floor, however, darker carpets create a sweet counterpoint. In general, light carpet colors make the room appear larger, darker tones stand out nicely in a strongly lit room.

Rugs Colors

Is your home decorated with classic white? If that is the case, bright colors, such as a warm red or a classy blue provide colorful eye-catchers.

Carpets for the living room or den

The living room or den is potentially a focal point in your home. Here, you can watch TV comfortably on the sofa or spend  time chatting, or even game nights with friends and family. This makes it all the more important to create a cozy atmosphere with a chic carpet in the living room or den.

Living Room Carpet


The most important thing when buying a carpet is, of course, that it matches the rest of the furniture in terms of shape and color. For the perfect position of the carpet in this room, it is best to measure the length of your sofa. Rule of thumb: If you add 20-30 cm to the dimensions of your sofa, you get the optimal length of the carpet for your living room or den.

To define the living room as the central point at home, round area rugs are an ideal choice- they create a harmonious ambiance in the form of a round ‘island’.

Carpets for a small living room

Carpet for Small Living Room

In a smaller living room, it is important to create width optically. The best way to do this is to place your new carpet just in front of the sofa and only place the armchair and coffee table on the carpet. To make the room appear even longer, choose a suitable cross-striped carpet.

Carpets for the dining room

A carpet in the dining room brings comfort and warmth to the table. But not only that, but the carpet also dampens the noise level - that certainly helps and can't do any harm in a room that is usually very busy. For optimal sound absorption, it is advisable to place the carpet under the dining room table, this is the best way to absorb the noise. 

Carpet for Dining Room

Rule of thumb: For the right carpet size, it is best to use the dimensions of your dining room table as a guide and add approximately 70-75 cm from each edge of the table (even with round tables) - this ensures that the back legs of your dining room chairs open when you push them back, and  sit on the carpet and not on the edge.

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