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An Ultimate Guide to Revamping Your Home with Rugs

Has your home begun to look boring and nauseating? Well, for many of us, being trapped inside for almost a year, it can feel that way, and if you don’t want to spend crazy money to upgrade a room or two, all you need is the right rug store and a clear idea of what you want to buy for your house, and it can be transformed.

If you are looking to change the vibe in a room, start by choosing a rug first as these floor coverings are the groundwork for any room modifications. Adding a rug to your room can add coziness, a different look and feel and help you solve your problem without breaking the bank. You might even say it completes a room by tying all the different pieces together visually. The bottom line is, a rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth and help enhance the room decor.

Here are some ideas on revamping your home with rugs:

Dress up a wall:

American Country Rug

In general, rugs are meant to be used as floor decor, but according to a new trend, rugs are being used as wall art now too. By using a rug as a wall hanging piece, it helps you create a central point. Using semi geometric pattern rugs as wall art can be a good idea. The above mentioned American Country rug, as an example…This rug would be suitable as a wall dress up, in perhaps a southern home.

Play with the theme:

Theme Rug

Build the color theme of the room around the rug, pull a shade from the rug as a secondary color for curtains, lampshades, and cushions.

Get creative with rugs:

Kitchen Rug

You can add some warmth to your home interior with some crafty rugs. It is a great technique to set the tone of the room, be it traditional, quirky, or contemporary. Rugs add a specific look to your room and can also make the space look bigger. Our craft rugs selection can help you better understand:

Create layers:

Living Room RUg

Want to try something different, layer a contrasting rug over an existing carpet to infuse warmth and texture. A smaller rug over the bigger one or a printed rug over a solid color would be ideal. But be warned, do not layer too many, the key is to just complement the room.

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Play around with shapes and color:

Don’t be afraid to play around with different rugs and textures. When your wall and upholstery are subdued, you can try a rug to emboss the effect. On to shapes… don’t assume that rugs have to be rectangular. The way you showcase your furniture should dictate the shape of your rug. Try figuring out the best shape.


Round Rug
  • Generally playful
  • Should be uses in a smaller space
  • For circular rooms


Square Rug
  • Nice with square furniture


Rectangle Rug
  • Most common
  • Great for larger rooms (living rooms, dens, offices)
  • Can also be long and thin, for a hallway runner or kitchen rug

Forever Rugs:

Forever RUg

Rugs are not just for cold rooms and cold climates. You can choose a summer appropriate, calming hues, geometric patterns, or lighter textures to make your design or idea work for the current season. Loloi rugs have an incredible selection, and large luxury collection that can suit any taste or season.

Bonus Tip:

Rug Pad

You can always use a rug pad or liner to keep your rug from slipping and creeping. Rug pads should be chosen appropriately to fit your rug size and floor type.

So if you are planning on buying a new rug or planning on revamping your house with a handmade area rug or two or if you are still confused about which rug suits your room better, visit our exquisite collection, add a few items to your cart, and slowly weed out the ones you like least.