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The Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Perfect Fitting Rug Pad!

The Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Perfect Fitting Rug Pad!

What Is a Rug Pad?

A rug pad is a thick layer placed between an area rug and the floor. It acts as a solid base to help reduce wear and tear. In this article, you'll discover when to use a rug pad, all of the benefits one offers, and how to find the right one for your rug. 

First Off, The Benefits Of Rug Pads

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There are many benefits to using rug pads; here are a few of the most obvious:

  • Non-slip grip
  • Floor protection
  • An extra layer of cushion
  • Noise reduction
  • The facilitation of airflow
  • Rug durability

You may think that a rug pad is unnecessary but think about the times when you had to get rid of your beautiful area rug due to early shedding or tearing or because it didn't offer you the comfort you thought possible. A rug pad for your carpet will quickly eliminate these troubles and allow you to appreciate and enjoy your rug the way it was supposed to be. A good rug pad is proven to prolong the life of a rug. Not only will your rug's life be extended, but it's a great way to prevent most slips and accidents. If you're still not convinced, here are several more reasons why you should invest in a rug pad:

     1. Safety

With time, your carpet is likely to start curling up around the corners. Rugs also tend to slide around on hard floors such as tile, marble, granite, and even hardwood. Pads will eliminate safety hazards by providing a balanced, flat, and much more stable setting for any type of rug or carpet to stay in place.

     2. Prevents Damage to Floors

Rug pads provide a barrier between the rug and the floor to aid in keeping the floors new. If the correct non-porous pad is used, floors beneath will be protected from liquid spills as well as from discoloration or dents from heavy furniture. 

     3. Helps Keep Rugs Clean

Another benefit of a rug pad is that it allows for more efficient vacuuming due to the airflow provided. Furthermore, the airflow prevents mold and mildew from developing.

How To Choose a Rug Pad?

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Rug pads for carpets make a significant difference in terms of durability and comfort, that overall feeling beneath your feet. However, keep in mind the different qualities and functions of rug pads so that you buy the one that best fits you and your carpets' needs. Here are some details to consider before you purchase your next rug pad:


Rug pad thicknesses range from 1/16 to ½ inch. How much cushioning would you like or is appropriate underneath your carpet? Unmistakably, the thicker the rug pad, the more cushioning it will provide, but here's the catch... you'll need to bear in mind how high the pad will lift your carpet, especially if there are doors that need space to swing open nearby.


Rugs tend to move around. Even though certain sections may be anchored by furniture, other areas of the rug may get tugged on and thrown out of place. Non-slip pads do an excellent job at holding rugs in place, illuminating a room's decor, and decreasing the chance of unfortunate accidents. Suppose non-slip is crucial to you; the rug pads made of natural rubber will work best since they have non-slip properties. Though, if you are looking for a more comfortable rug pad for your carpet, we recommend that you go with pads that are a combination of felt and rubber.


Eco-friendly rug pads exist! Cheap quality rug pads are incredibly harmful to the environment, which is why we at The Rug District offer elevated quality rug pads made with natural rubber, organic jute fibers, or recycled felt.


Before you buy a rug pad, you should know that it is a long-term investment. The price of a rug pad differs based on the cushion, size, and material. Please do bear in mind that a rug pad of genuine quality will go a long way when it comes to avoiding unnecessary expenses that may incur due to floor damage or an early replacement of your carpet.

Choose the Right Size

The right size of rug pad depends on the size of your carpet. Usually, smaller carpets or runners require more grip, whereas the larger carpets do not require as much grip and are most likely in areas where you may want that added cushion underfoot, such as a bedroom or living room.

So Why Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Adding a rug pad underneath all the area rugs in your home is an outstanding idea for all reasons mentioned above. The most common and reputable reasons for a rug pad are that extra layer of cushioning and protection, the carpet’s life extension, and keeping the shape as a pad also keeps your carpet from shifting as you vacuum. 

Thinking it may be time for a rug pad for your carpet? If you are looking for immeasurable quality and pocket-friendly rug pads in Canada, then you need not look any further. The Rug District brings you a wide range of rug pads. We're confident you'll find the size, shape, and cushioning you desire. Check out our rug pad selection here,

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