How to Transform Your Workspace with Home Office Rugs?

How to Transform Your Workspace with Home Office Rugs?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like the concept of working from home is here to stay. Since working from home has become an integral part of our daily lives, it's essential to turn that prosaic desk in the corner of the house into a functional and inspiring workspace that inspires creativity and productivity.

As if the situation isn't challenging enough for everyone personally and economically, working from home has its challenges, especially if there isn't a dedicated home office space. And since many of you will continue to work from home anywhere from a couple more months to two years and beyond, it is essential to create a dedicated home office space and define that space. One of the easiest ways is by adding a cozy, stylish rug.

A home office rug will help add plushness to the floor as well as visual warmth. Comfort and style are what we're going for here. We want to encourage you all to harness your work environment. Here are some ideas to help you buy the right rug for your home office.

Rug Size

Brand: Safavieh

SKU: SGF412C-3

Home offices require rugs that match the functionally and style of their desks and chairs. Knowing where to place the rug is key. Achieve balance by placing the rug under the front two legs of the desk and completely underneath the chair. Let the rug extend out in all directions for as much as possible to see if it's suitable for as much movement you do in your chair. The size of the right rug correlates with the size of your desk, chair, and activities. The right balance creates a warm and comfortable space to work and prevents the chair from dragging over the edge of the rug.

Choose a Low Pile Rug

Brand: Jaipur

SKU: RUG134194

Low pile rugs allow more effortless movements for office chairs with wheels and better accommodation of heavy office furniture. Avoid thick shaggy rugs and instead, go for hand-knotted rugs. Our Jaipur Rugs collections are some great examples. Rugs with low piles are also much easier to clean so that you may keep them in good condition for longer.

The Ideal Home Office Rug

Brand: Dynamic

SKU: IL7108873900

When styling rooms with rugs, it's good to follow a few basic thumb rules. The existing color in your office is a great starting point to pick your rug. You should select a rug color that reflects a specific part of the room decor, which blends well. A solid color area rug can be a foolproof idea if you don't want to jazz things up too much or plan on changing furniture anytime soon. However, if your home office contains solid color furniture, an area rug with a pattern can add immense character to your room.

Office Rugs That Match Your Style

Brand: Dynamic

SKU: MR24231608268

Like any other room in a home, your office space may be multi-functional, but it's important to remember its primary purpose. Area rugs can help set an imperative mood to focus on work. It is essential to pick a color pattern and material that brings out the best in your working self.

Some people feel energized around bold colors, while others work best surrounded by softer designs and colors. If you often meet business contacts at home or on zoom, it is essential to consider the impression you want to give.

The home office is a perfect space right now to get creative with. Adding the right home office rug is one of the first steps. Later you may build with more accessories such, paintings, mirrors, small sculptures, flowers, etc. But please remember that no matter which home office area rug you choose, it should help you feel inspired and motivated every time you step into the space of your daily work.

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